Groundbreaking ‘We Need to Talk’ shows promise in uneven debut

We Need To Talk is literally the thing you don’t ever want to hear anyone say to you because you’ll wind up either in tears or being hauled off in handcuffs. I want to know who’s carrying it though because I don’t think I could find it on Optimum.

For The Win

(CBS Sports) (CBS Sports)

The groundbreaking new CBS Sports Network show, We Need to Talk, debuted Tuesday night with an all-female cast discussing the biggest sports stories of the day. Despite a meandering format that will doubtlessly be tightened in the coming weeks and that oh-so-regretful title, We Need to Talk showed intriguing long-term potential and was a refreshing break from the loud, often obnoxious, male-dominated world of sports talk.

Given all the hype and the grandiose expectations for an exclusively female show, there was surprisingly little in the way of self-celebration. No one would have begrudged the 11-woman panel for reveling in making television history but other than a brief introduction at the top from Lesley Visser, there were no references to the historic makeup of the cast. This was simply a sports show hosted by women. It was groundbreaking in that nothing about it felt groundbreaking. The biggest question raised…

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