Life After American Idol

It’s not easy to find your footing after the fans have voted and spoken. The industry wants you, the people love you and there seems to be an endless supply of opportunity but when the cameras are gone and the ink dries on the contracts that will be voided when your debut doesn’t sell, that’s when the real work begins.

You might remember Karen Rodriguez from a season of American Idol, one of the first to sing on the competition show in spanish. You might remember that she was there when Jennifer Lopez started as the judge on the panel. You might remember a song Jennifer sang way back in 99 when she was young and starting out. While watching this video and listening to the audio, you’ve got to admit, that song from 99 has nothing on the version Karen arranged and produced.

You might not think of either of them but you may start to after you watch this intimate self shot and produced mini series titled The Siren’s Odyssey: Life After Idol.

Karen, a New York native, takes viewers on a journey through the life of a working singer, actress, model, producer, Swiss Army Knife. She’s a wedding singer, producer, host, songwriter, cover and newly minted YouTube content creator and she’s on a mission to make her mark.

Check out episode one


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