Veterinarians gave a bullied fish a prosthetic eye to save it from its mean tankmates

this is pretty much the best thing I’ve watched today.

For The Win

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.08.59 PM

A yellowtail rockfish that lives in a display at the Vancouver International Airport suffered from cataracts and was forced to have its left eye removed, but this led to other fish in the habitat acting aggressively (fish are bullies). In order to return the fish to normal, veterinarians from the Vancouver Aquarium gave the fish a prosthetic eye.

“The reason we do this is that we do find that when fish are blind in one eye and there’s no visible eye, other fish recognize that and they’ll actually attack from that side.”

A copper rockfish from the Vancouver Aquarium also underwent the same procedure, and both are now living happily. Fish bullies are the worst.

(Thanks to ABC News for sharing this video.)

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