Samuel Goldwyn Acquires N.A. Rights On Viola Davis-Jennifer Lopez Pic ‘Lila And Eve’

you had me at vigilantes.


Samuel Goldwyn Films acquired North American rights to Lila and Eve, the Charles Stone III-directed drama that stars Viola Davis and Jennifer Lopez. The film premiered at Sundance. Pic will be released later this year. Davis plays a grief stricken mother who, in the aftermath of her son’s drive by shooting murder, bonds with a woman (Lopez) who lost her daughter. Fed up with the futility of the justice system, they become vigilantes who go on a killing spree, working through the chain of drug dealers who killed the young man. Shea Whigham, Julius Tennon, Chris Chalk and Andre Royo also star. CAA repped the filmmakers.

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Reality Producers To Freelancers Seeking Union: “You Aren’t Part Of A Machine”

oh boy


Who needs a union? The owners of Jane Street Entertainment certainly don’t think their freelance writer-producers do. The New York-based company, which produces reality shows for Food Network, HBO, NBC, TLC, USA, Lifetime and HGTV, is urging its freelancers to vote no on union representation, arguing that the company can do a better job of safeguarding their interests than the WGA East can.

“If the WGA comes in, you will have to bend to the collective decision,” Jane Street owners Donna MacLetchie and Linda wga-eastLea said in a recent email to their freelancers. “It is in everyone’s best interest to keep small companies like Jane flexible because we can work with you directly. You aren’t part of a machine. You are part of a team” – a team that relies on the government to pay for its health care.

“I hope you’re well,” the owners said in the email to…

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Agent Carter: The Best Show You’re Not Watching

Despite having been a key player in the creation of a covert government agency that easily recruits an all star superhero roster, there are no superheroes in the eight episode mid-season series Agent Carter because SHE is the superhero.

my baby shot me dead

Taking place a year after the events of Captain America: The First Avenger, and following the Iron-Man 3 one shot, ABC’s Agent Carter follows Peggy as she navigates a post World War II work force, continuing her work with the SSR but at a smaller capacity.

Like getting lunch orders.

She’s a really athletically gifted coffee girl.

Taking a page from the world built by Mad Men (predating it by a decade) this world explores how difficult it has been for women to have given their all in the war effort only to be asked to return to their proper stations as homemakers. Peggy, in continuing her work, challenges the leadership at every turn, cracking cases before her fellow agents can even open up a notepad to jot a few leads down. Episode one has her contacted by Howard Stark (Tony Stark’s father. Yes. Iron-Man’s dad) to assist with getting to the bottom of a mysterious grand theft of some of his dangerous inventions. Peggy hesitantly agrees to help, seeing as she’s pretty much over being ignored in the work place and she becomes a double agent.

It’s been nearly ten years since the last female led spy series aired on ABC (Alias) and about two years since the last episode of the Maggie Q lead spy series reboot Nikita (which also starred Lyndsy Fonseca currently playing Angie Martinelli) and while shows like Scandal and The Good Wife give us kick ass, cerebral women, it also bogs them down with the trappings of romance as a plot device. The leads are buried by their romantic triangle of the season more often than the crime of the week. For example, in one episode of Scandal Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope will have traded more barbs with an ex faster than she would trade blows; she verbosely batters her foes with whip smart dialogue, you immediately wish you’d paid more attention in English class. It’s wonderful, really, but sometimes viewers just want a girl who’ll happily bludgeon you with her heel instead of speaking to you because you’re stupid. A character like Pope can work in a world like Peggy’s easily; honestly, I WANT them to have some insane crossover where Olivia uncovers old SSR documents and…wait…back off, that’s my script.

Hey girl, you’re strong and powerful up until a dude charms you a little bit by saying he’s not intimated by how powerful you are.


While it’s great to have smart, sexually confident women on television, it’s much better to have a woman who isn’t trapped within the confines of a relationship that potentially defines her almost every week. Watching someone like Peggy punch a man into unconsciousness is pleasing. Watching her use objects around her for the same effect is also pleasing. This show is pleasing. Hayley Atwell is pleasing.

Bye Felipe


Atwell shines as the title character, dropping dudes as easily as she drops one-liners. Debuting in the aforementioned Captain America: The First Avenger, Peggy Carter was that girl; the one  you immediately wanted to be friends with, the one who took no shit and the one with flawless lipstick game. Peggy, despite the smaller piece of the larger puzzle, has a knack for seeing the things that ultimately shape her destiny. She saw the potential for Steve Rodgers’ candidacy before the rest of the scientists did; she saw in him something, because of her gender, made him a bigger asset than she was to the cause. Just imagine if the team saw in her what everyone saw in Steve and she became a super soldier. HEY GET AWAY FROM MY SCRIPT.

While Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (that’s a pain in the ass to type) struggled in the first half of the series to establish characters worth caring about (I care mightily for Agent May and Agent Coulson) and to find it’s footing as it launched in the wake of The Avengers and Captain America, Agent Carter immediately gave viewers a reason for investment; it was the backstory TO AoS that was designed to use Carter and her Amanda Waller type of influence in the creation of the Marvelverse as a whole.

If Marvel does this right, Agent Peggy Carter could be the backdrop introduction (albeit limited considering) to the early negotiations for more Vibranium with Wakanda (Black Panther) the research into cosmic defense with Dr. Steven Strange, ultimately recruiting a young Natasha Romanov  from the KGB once the Cold War is over. Peggy makes up for over 70 years of easy to cover story lines to bridge the comics, movies, Netflix series….she’s the Highlander. The One. Her work could be the nexus for everything in the Marvelspace and when you step back and look at the bigger picture, Marvel and ABC has to have the one nerd screaming in the halls about this very concept. We see her in The Winter Soldier and there are things said, things that make you have feelings.

Operation S.I.N, a mini series launched by Marvel January this year follows the further adventuring hijinks of Peggy Carter and science bro Howard Stark set in Europe. There are aliens.

And a bear getting punched.

What it looks like in my head all the time


Peggy, for the Marvelverse, is who Wonder Woman SHOULD be for DC. The nexus for good, a beacon of hope and the absolute measure by which the women who wind up in the various organizations hold themselves up to. Imagine young Jean Grey (I’m thinking silver age Marvel here but it also works for the Ultimate X-Men and various reboots etc) finding an old article about Peggy Carter while cleaning out a space in Xavier’s mansion. America Chavez (Young Avengers) wanting to be every bit the hero Peggy would’ve been had she been Captain America. I’m picturing Maria Hill’s goal in life was to helm a team as prolific as the Howling Commandos. Before she met lousy Ted Mosby.

Kids, in the summer of 2012 I met your mother

Kids, in the summer of 2012 I met your mother

Mockingbird on AoS

Mockingbird on AoS

Agent May on AoS


There’s a world of female heroes that can trace their ability to work in the comic book world back to Agent Carter.

Or Lady Sif.

Because you can’t pretend Sif wasn’t first.

Lady Sif in Thor: The Dark World



It’s also important to note that Agent Thirteen, Sharon Carter is……I can’t tell you that.


Sharon Carter in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


As the show closed out it’s first season run, there was a bit of a glimmer of hope for it’s fate. With any good Marvel title, there is always that closing credits scene and (SPOILER KIDS)



Dr. Zola welcomes Dr. Faust to a jailhouse Hydra party.





My theory and hope is that Season 2 will revolve around Peggy’s growing ability to be taken seriously in the office (I mean, as serious as someone will take a woman in the office who punches like thunder) and the discovery of the Winter Soldier program. Consider that Peggy’s era for change would be at the height of the Cold War, during which time the shocking discovery of Bucky Barnes’ MIA status being upgraded to that of WE HAVE BUCKY WE’RE GONNA TURN HIM INTO A SUPER SOLDIER HAHAHA would more than likely be at the forefront of any engaging story. You can easily introduce a cadre of scientists that have actively shaped the Marvelverse being thwarted by Peggy, or even causing waves in other properties linked to their respective histories. I can see Peggy rolling her eyes at Dr. Strange all the while, hoping he can protect their current dimension. I can see Peggy watching the space program develop (completely, unfortunately, ignoring the Fantastic Four because..yeah…) but still being mindful of the ramifications of space exploration; she could have an entire research division that ultimately taps into Rhodes and Danvers’ space pilot program….

If given the chance to grow, Agent Carter could be one of the few shows on television with the foresight (and money) to successfully mine from their comic book resources, connect the MCU to the books and vice versa; Peggy as the earliest Director of SHIELD essentially creates the world we love now.

Don’t you see kids?!

Peggy motherfuckin Carter is comic books badass grandma.

I’m sorry Aunt May…


Nobody fresher than my clique




Check Out the Hidden Superhero in the Avengers: Age of Ultron Poster


The hype for Avengers: Age of Ultron will only increase thanks to Marvel’s new poster for the film, which shows off one character set to make his big-screen debut. In the top-left corner of the poster above Hulk’s head is a floating character called “Vision,” an android created by the villain Ultron that eventually turns good. Paul Bettany of A Knight’s Tale fame will portray the hero in the movie, which debuts May 1.

Check out Captain America, Iron Man and all the rest in the new poster below:

Age of Ultron poster

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Larry Wilmore Steps Up Game As ‘Daily Show’ Host Speculation Intensifies


As talent drop like flies from The Reporters Who Cover Television’s Jon Stewart Replacement Wish List, Larry Wilmore really stepped up his game last night. HBO has nailed down John Oliver for two more years, TBS today announced Jason Jones is doing a sitcom for the network with his wife and fellow The Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee. They had sewn up the Longest Running Correspondent and Time For A Female categories, respectively, in some media minds, before today’s news.

Wilmore’s already understudying Stewart as host of the lead-out program The Nightly Show, and last night’e episode was maybe his strongest to date.  That includes his opening monologue, but particularly his wrangling of the panel discussion, which is one of Nightly’s least consistent features (behind only the loseable Keep It 100, which is to Nightly what Five Questions was to The Daily Show: Fun idea on track to get…

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Tumblr Wrote This Week’s Episode of Glee

Friday’s episode of Glee titled simply A Wedding smashed in so much fan service, I thought I was casually scrolling through a one hour Tumblr gif set.


After Santana proposed to Brittany in the choir room of McKinnley High and we were treated to another round of awkward singing by the kids who are supposed to be the new Gleeks but are being overshadowed by the older creeps who couldn’t let high school go, we dove head first into a wedding.

Or something.

After dealing with Coach Beastie’s transitioning (which I get, I totally do) and seeing that the kids Will was teaching are scumbags (also evil dopplegangers of his beloved McKinnley kids) all of the plot lines need to start wrapping up before they start converging on one another like a hastily created multiverse.

Or something.

Plot points in the Ryan Murphy-verse being what they are, this week kicks off with Brit and Santana, their two moms and their friends to a barn in Indiana where gay marriage is legal. Brit’s mom (the amazing Jennifer Coolidge) explains just how she discovered she was pregnant in a way that honestly can’t ever be  brought to justice via text; go look it up. it’s amazing. With TV miracles and magic, the kids the original Gleeks never bothered to learn the names of, transform the barn into a chapel of love. Tina, still the fourth fiddle for some unknown reason, decides she’s going to propose to Mike Chiang because why not everyone is just barely out of high school, didn’t go to college and somehow living comfortably in Lima working at their old high school.


Brit and Santana, both being brides, invite everyone to the bridal boutique (WHERE IS QUINN?!) to judge their choices in outfits. We’re treated to quirkily adorable montage of the girls in different dresses. Honestly, it’s just glorified costume porn and I’m horribly distracted by how much I want Naya Rivera to just eat a full turkey club sandwich. In any case, Brit finds the dress just as Santana walks out behind her.

Brit engages in wonky superstitious behavior.


That only works if…nevermind.

Brit then wants to sacrifice chickens in the choir room to sana sana culo de rana fix their potential nuptial jinx. Santana logically talks her down…and still doesn’t acknowledge that THERE IS NO PLACE SETTING FOR QUINN. God, you sleep with a girl one time you think you’d invite her to the wedding right ? Santana DOES notice the place for Sue and immediately loses her mind. Sue is a no go but after a heart to heart…well…Sue gets her way.

Sue convinces Santana’s staunchly ‘fuck that’ abuela to come to the wedding. She also convinces Kurt and Blaine to get over their will the or won’t they bullshit and with the help of Brit and Santana, agree they’re be married as well. Two gay birds, all the fabulous scones.



The point of all of this is that this episode, with all of it’s bizarre plot twists, manages to shovel in all the things that make Glee fan fiction consumers salivate; weddings, happy endings and overwrought confessions of love. There are so many self aware one liners in this episode, I spent more time wishing I could type faster than appreciating the casual nature of TWO same sex marriages happening on network TV. The show essentially became meta. The show turned into a super musical version of Supernatural (I’m behind on that show, did the have a musical episode or nah?) and essentially skewered itself with punchlines, cheap shots and awkward dance numbers with the parents. Ken Jeong in all of his comedic glory kinda just faded to the background with this episode. Go figure.

To say it was incredibly saccharine would be an insult to actually saccharine things; it was every part of the internet coming to life in one 40 minute episode, ready for gifs and giving fan fiction writers a deserved night off. It was nice to see these two get their happy endings but that was more the power of fandom than it was an actual character development.

Pittsburgh Pirates revolutionize MLB fashion with matte batting helmets

not bad

For The Win

Hey, here’s a cool thing:

Perhaps following the lead of departed catcher Russell Martin — who used a matte helmet behind the plate last year — the Pirates busted out some extremely fresh batting helmets for spring training play in Lakeland, Fla. They’re unrealistic in that they don’t look like the type of helmet a real pirate would actually wear, but all things considered it’s a step forward for MLB helmet fashion.

For too long, fans have limited themselves to caps and jerseys while trying to dress like their favorite baseball players. It’s long past time the helmet becomes something more than a vessel for stadium nachos and soft-serve ice cream. Flip that sucker over and wear it, folks. We need to encourage run-scoring these days, so let us…

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