Reality Producers To Freelancers Seeking Union: “You Aren’t Part Of A Machine”

oh boy


Who needs a union? The owners of Jane Street Entertainment certainly don’t think their freelance writer-producers do. The New York-based company, which produces reality shows for Food Network, HBO, NBC, TLC, USA, Lifetime and HGTV, is urging its freelancers to vote no on union representation, arguing that the company can do a better job of safeguarding their interests than the WGA East can.

“If the WGA comes in, you will have to bend to the collective decision,” Jane Street owners Donna MacLetchie and Linda wga-eastLea said in a recent email to their freelancers. “It is in everyone’s best interest to keep small companies like Jane flexible because we can work with you directly. You aren’t part of a machine. You are part of a team” – a team that relies on the government to pay for its health care.

“I hope you’re well,” the owners said in the email to…

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