The horrifying story of a bodybuilder who was addicted to muscle injections

the lesson here is know your limits.
have atleast one friend you can trust.

For The Win

Brazilian amateur bodybuilder Romario Dos Santos regularly injected his arms with synthol, an oil injection used to expand the tissue in muscles. Over a short period of time, Dos Santos’ appearance changed drastically.


The injections caused intense pain and Dos Santos became a social outcast, which led to depression. Dos Santos’ addiction to synthol had a serious medical consequence, though — doctors initially told Dos Santos that they would have to amputate his arms as the muscle was deteriorating.

“Your muscles are all rock, your muscles are all destroyed. You have necrosis in your arm so the only way is to amputate.”

Fortunately for Dos Santos, he was able to keep his arms after doctors performed further examinations on his arm and decided they could remove the “rocks which had formed in my arms.” He has since given up the use of synthol, but still hopes to become a professional bodybuilder.


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