Justin Timberlake’s New Video

There’s Voli (Pitbull)

There’s Circo (Diddy)

There’s El Cartel (Daddy Yankee)

There’s Crystal Head (Dan Aykroyd. I KNOW?!)

Casamigos (George Clooney) -missed branding for Migos though-

Casa Noble (Carlos Santana)

There are a few celebrity owned and championed liquors out on the market but very few of them have gone above and beyond to showcase their belief in the brand.

Enter. Justin Timberlake.

If you caught J.T on his 20/20 World Tour you’ll recall he had a VIP section bar that served Sauza 901. Timberlake, a native of Tennessee, forwent doing whiskey for tequila. Yesterday, Timberlake launched a video where the actor musician and a few other friends are donning giant limeheads and talking about their time in the spotlight before the apparently super smooth and mega tasty Sauza rolled up and fucked it all up with it’s ability to be enjoyed lime free. The clip feels like a lost episode of Behind The Music (Maybe Behind The Bar? SHOW IDEA!) and follows the lime’s rise and fall in the world of booze accouterment.

It makes sense too.

Today is the made up holiday  and Sauza is a tequila so….

Happy Cinco De Mayo


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