What I Learned This Week: June 26

This week, we discover that marathon weeks are for people who are actually in marathons, I can multitask and people are just strange strange mammals.

Saturday: I’m at work, attempting to not lose my mind as the elevators don’t work properly. Sure, simple solution, let’s just see if we can get a break and a low key weekend. “We’re fixing them, they’re fixed, there’s also the freight elevators, don’t worry, everything is awesome” We knock out the job and I spend the evening talking to a guy who’s a freelancer and looks like Schmidt from “New Girl” It’s not a thing. He’s also baffled by my age. Which is bafflng. Why am I using the word baffling?! I don’t really get a chance to talk to Waffle either. BUT I do manage to knock out the side project well. So. Guess things are good.

Digital woes


I’m amazed I’m even standing upright as I have to book a project for Thursday that entails my calling everyone I’ve worked with and asking, ‘aye, you wanna work with me.’ It’s also a weird day because I don’t know what I’m doing again. I’m also covering for the LA team which meant that I was basically running home to upload work for the left coast and make it as seamless as possible.


Is the day that followed Sunday. I have no recollection of what I did. I’m assuming it was amazing as I have a job and I’m liked. Mom’s surgery approaches. It’s kinda shitty.


Waffle texts me so it might as well have been a message from God about where we stand. I can’t stop grinning. I handle a few things, fumble a bit, am a totally messed up pile of goo about it but shovel a Rice Krispy treat down my face hole because that’s just the kind of fatass I am. I have a donut when Waffle shows up. We get Shake Shack, we eat across from Trill after she gets a tattoo.  It’s disgusting how enamored I am.

Oh and I did this thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ze8uWjOs2Eo


No rest for the wicked. Plan out and execute for things with the second shoot. Mom is also going in for surgery. Haven’t been sleeping well and am extremely tired, baggy faced and flabby. This is the grossest I’ve felt in the longest. I shovel pizza in my face, knock out things and run back home. Mom is okay. She’s tired but y’know that’s life innit? We’re all tired.


The shoot is basically an amalgamation of all my worlds at once. The smart fast capable PA who knows more than the Production Manager (me) on a block where I used to work for three years with a guy who hired me who’s basically co-signed my work. I’m the convergence. All of me has collided into one me like a creep Voltron or something. I’m proud of myself. I made it work. I’m working and while I’m tired, it’s better than the downward spiral I was heading down. I guess that’s pretty cool. I also bought sneakers because wearing shoes or hard bottoms is just not normal. They’re cozy and I’ve let the world dominate my closet.


The Supreme Justice says gay marriage is legal across all 50 states.

You gays.

I mean guys.



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