Meek Mill or Funkmaster Flex: Who Is The Greatest Troll of All

In a world where the digital play reigns supreme, where everyone gets their news from Twitter, one man managed to hold a nation of music lovers hostage.

His name:

Funkmaster Flex

Yesterday the internet basically crowded around a radio in anticipation of rapper Meek Mill’s diss track to Drake’s Sunday release”Charged Up”.

Well into the broadcast it became obvious that the legendary New York DJ had nothing from Meek and saying that he was “lookin’ at that inbox” which subsequently opened the floodgates to hate, slander and potential firing from Hot 97. Twitter let the man have it, signing a petition demanding that Flex be fired from his spot in the station for his actions.

A little background: Last week, Meek Mill went on a slow march to becoming legend Twitter rant where the Dreams Worth More Than Money MC claimed that Drake had a ghostwriter and had he known, he would’ve never feat in one Quintin Miller. To add insult to injury, Funkmaster Flex aired out a reference track where the Toronto rapper’s lyrics and delivery bare a shockingly similar resemblance to the original reference track. Naturally, rap twitter went ape-shit and tore into Drake like a stoner with a fresh bag of Doritos.

With lines being drawn in the sand between Drake fans and the Meek Mill camp, the past week has been nothing but barbs, memes, slander and the question of art vs skill. The highlight of the battle, is the heated discussing with fans regarding the presence and use of a ‘ghostwriter.’ Hiring a team of hitmakers is frequently practiced other genres, hip hop has remained a staunchly solitary practice as Nas put it, “all I need is one mic.” The genre depends heavily on a lyricists, a pen and a message. With the allegations and the ghostwriting surfacing one after the other, rap fans find themselves at a strange crossroads; do we accept that Drake had help structuring his sound, that he actively employed someone to write and record his reference track and potentially isn’t the man he’s built himself to be? or do we accept that part of the reason why rap and hip hop has had such a resurgence in recent years is due in large part to the restructuring of how songs are created; hook, melody beat and of course hashtag ready lines ?

Meek Mill’s the rapper’s last release came out of the gate with positive reviews, excited fanfare and even the praise of super critical rap twitter meant that Meek was sitting on top of the world. Remember, we live in a world where music is as disposable as the razors Drake uses to maintain his bikini line, to have posted the numbers, accolades and praise that Meek’s album did is impressive, he’s allowed to be butthurt when Future has the number album in the country and everyone’s attention is on everything else.

What I Learned This Week : July 24

This week, we hang out in Brooklyn doing a hail mary pass of a shoot, try to get into Future’s NYC FreeBandz concert, get way more sun than I anticipated at two adidas soccer events, watch a drone fly, get a loot crate and stare longingly at Waffle’s Instagram feed wondering if I get the same kind of semi-obsesive attention.

Saturday: During the week that was, I get a note saying that we have to shoot something at the Adidas Fanatic soccer tournament. It’s the middle of summer, it’s in Brooklyn, I’m mentally prepared for anything. It pours early in the morning, I’m talking thunder, lightening, the gods are angry type rain. I half expect to cancel the whole thing. It’s still on like Donkey Kong. We head out, in a regular taxi cab because UBER IS TRASH TO ME. We take over the AUX cable and bump Future while I proceed to overthink the entire shoot We’re ready for everything, have a meal, shoot some b-roll and I have to call cut on audio because of the ULTRA creep flyover that happened when two Osprys’ fly overhead as part of President Obama’s arrival in New York. The shoot goes well. I think I get a tan on my left arm, get some souvenir tank tops and ride back in awkward silence in another cab because this one doesn’t have an aux cable. I still have a deep hate for Uber and we get back in time to come up with an idea for another shoot where we’ll be crashing Sneaker Con. I’m enjoying all these shoots and going places, what I’m not enjoying is feeling like I haven’t made a true internet banger. I have first world priorities for sure.

Sunday: Goes well except for I’m feeling like I still haven’t made an internet smash, I’m exhausted because I’m violating my personal bro code by treating my body like an amusement park trashcan and there are too many things on the burner at once. These are all good problems to have. It’s officially summer in New York and I’m HORRIFIED by how easily I sweat while standing. Either I’m super fat or it’s just really fucking hot.


Monday: Landed another byline which was quite exciting. Would’ve gotten two on the day if I hadn’t fumbled the presentation but to be fair, there was so much going on, honestly, you can’t be blamed if you just can’t get it all done. (but you can be salty af about it) My life is slowly being taken over by soccer, should be fun once I remember how to PLAY. I had decent eye foot coordination as a kid; hand eye was better because of basketball, softball and video games.

*imagines a massive rainbow suddenly appearing over her head*

that’s sorta gay ain’t it?

Tuesday: Every day in production is always something new. By something new I mean, someone needs something done fast and you’re often times the one who gets to do it. So. I’m packing my things and heading off to the wilds of Harlem for an adidas event. I spend the entire day getting sun (which as a garbage pale kid is sort of interesting) meet some very chill people, get some really great flatbread pizza, play a little soccer and wind up back in the office hours later, completely sun drained and praying to god that we have something truly spectacular.



Wednesday: I have to stay home and recover but I also spend a lot of time trying to put together some kind of passable article which doesn’t happen because I keep falling asleep and ultimately wind up coaching someone though a career crisis. The Future shoot happens without me but as luck would have it, the people wanted most for camera are already excited to have their wristbands and don’t want to brag about it. I know a few people who went and had no problems because industry life. I just wanted to understand the hype. I make a shit ton of Dubsmashes again. I’m debating uploading them because I’m extremely self conscious and honestly, again, I’m not Hayley Atwell so it’s not that cute.

Thursday: I have a day off again. I arrange for many things to happen because again, workaholic and I can’t just relax. I pick up my LootCrate from the post office, which isn’t as awesome as I thought but then again I may also have unreasonably high expectation for things in black boxes. It’s very DC centric, which is fine because I get a cool wonder woman bombshell poster and honestly, thats my thing. I go to BBQs, have a mehtacular margarita and realize that I have to really up my taste in liquor.


I’m fantastic at YouTube optimization but ass at doing these videos myself. Go figure

Friday: Near coma, super tired but still managing to do everything that I can. It’s funny because it feels like you can’t do it all and you do it, it’s even more impressive. I’m also trying to not overthink things but as it happens…overthinking.

Lily Rabe Will Play A Serial Killer On ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ And This Is Very Good News

this series is great at getting the hype going and then falling to shit immediately



Well, this is a promising American Horror Story: Hotel casting scoop. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lily Rabe is being brought back to play “a famous murderer” who checks in this season. This is excellent news, as Rabe is at her best playing crazy and/or evil. Although she’s technically appeared on every season of American Horror Story, Rabe only had a cameo in Freak Show reprising her role of season two’s Sister Mary Eunice (pre-demonic possession), and her absence was definitely noticed.

I guess this means that one of the former characters “checking in” won’t be Nora Montgomery, as I previously predicted. So, who those former characters will be is anyone’s best guess. Just please don’t make it Neil Patrick Harris’ Chester because he was the wooooooorst. (Sorry, NPH.)

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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Here’s why Disney is removing this statue from a theme park


Disney is removing a statue of Bill Cosby from a theme park in Florida after the Associated Press forced the release of a 2005 testimony from the embattled comedian in which he admits to obtaining a drug to give to women with the intent of having sex with them.

The bronze statue has been on display in Disney’s Academy of Televisions Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame Plaza in its Hollywood Studio theme park. On Tuesday night Disney [fortune-stock symbol=”DIS”] said it planned to remove the statue after the park closes.

Dozens of women have accused Cosby of sexual assault in recent months. In the past year, an online petition was started to remove Cosby’s bust from the theme park, garnering nearly 300 signatures.

“In light of recent circumstances it is prudent that the bust of actor Bill Cosby be removed from Disney’s Florida theme park,” the petition reads…

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