Caitlyn Jenner sends important message with a speech that she deserved to give

it’s funny how many people were so against this but still can’t deny the fact that she did this in full view of the public, knowing there would judgement and there would be criticism. She’s pretty brave for understanding the platform she has and embracing that.

For The Win

On Wednesday night, Caitlyn Jenner highlighted why it was important for her to be recognized and silenced many of the critics who said she shouldn’t receive the Arthur Ashe Courage Award with one of those ESPY speeches that is worth watching again. “All across the world at this moment, there are young people coming to terms with being transgender,” she said. “They’re learning that they’re different, and they’re trying to figure out how to handle that … on top of every other problem a teenager has. They’re getting bullied. They’re getting beaten up. They’re getting murdered.”

Yes, maybe putting Jenner as a headline award winner was a publicity stunt by ESPN and ABC, as many complained. But it’s the ESPYS — they are one giant publicity stunt for the network, though a thoroughly enjoyable and often inspiring one. Many of the people who shouted and screamed of the injustice…

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