What I Learned: July 17

This week, we’re in the pursuit of happiness, learn that long sleeve tees in the summer are fun )but also make you sweat like a savage but dammit your tattoo is worth more than your comfort) burning out is just as bad as fading away and multi-tasking is good in short bursts but never in the long run.

Saturday: I land a byline by complete accident and low key hope to continue landing them because they’re encouraging me to continue writing. work is nutty but it’s a good feeling to be busy and avoid sending texts that I’ll just feel awkward about later. San Diego Comic Con blesses the internets with incredible trailers including Batman Vs Superman where my heart leapt at the sight of Wonder Woman. I’m still cautious about it because honestly, Gal Gadot will probably have about the same screen time in the movie as she does in this first trailer and she seems more of a lithe mover than a burly brawler but, hey, she’s on screen and I can’t be critical about it because it’s still a heroine I love in a movie I will most likely be irritated watching. She’s also capable of kicking my ass. I can’t be mad about it, even though initially I will admit I was. I can admit when I’m wrong. I can also admit when I’m in love.

Sunday: Comic Con continues by launching a leaked Suicide Squad trailer that also melts my face and despite my better judgement, I feel good about this trailer too. I just can’t go throwing all my joy into it because I refuse to let DC burn me with their great trailers. We shoot a video for this one, pulling images around the trailer since we can’t use the leaked footage and I write the script which is a banger. It’s performing well. I also won’t pop a collar about this but I will say, ‘you’re not doing so bad glen coco. People are weirded out by the way I’m foaming at the mouth with all this comic book stuff but hey, if I’m not getting laid I’m getting paid.

Monday: WB/DC feels terrible for doing the dick thing and removing all the cell phone footage of Suicide Squad and I call my brother where we spend the next two hours dissecting the preview and I basically fall in love with Margot Robbie. She was also in The Wolf of Wall Street and I have decided if any blonde is going to crush me under her heel (besides Jennifer Morrison who I doubt would, she’d basically just kinda be like, dude, c’mon) I’d be fine with Margot. I think it has to do with the fact that she actually researched the character and how often do you get the chance to act like a maniac ?


Tuesday: I’m working remotely and suffering from simultaneous panic attacks and elation because I’m working and one of my biggest fears is that the strange luck will run out. I’m also considering getting a sweet little tattoo to remind me that I will always have a little bit of luck. I also have a serious problem with tattoos. Mom asked if I’m going to continue and I kinda said, “I’ll stop when I can’t think of anyplace to put it or things lose their meaning. Speaking of, Harley’s got a tattoo that I’m super into. Terrible. terrible. I’ll stop when it stops being fun.

Wednesday: I went haywire and actually bought clothes so I don’t look like a rat fink with no taste. Now I’m a definite rat fink with fancy shirts and still no taste. Also bought a bunch of comic books, ironically Marvel comic Secret Wars single issues in one shop and two DC trades from Strand because I have to balance everything in my life between two weird ass houses. I didn’t get Wytches because for some reason it reminded me too much of Outcast which is the kind of weird slowburn I’m into these days. I also avoided buying a pair of Tiger x Tokidoki sneakers despite still thinking about them and the Vans Disney Villains. Did I mention I have a sneaker problem? I do. It’s awful. I’d apologize but then that’d be a lie. I get home, do laundry (super exciting) drink a quarter of rum and cokes, finish Sense8 and do some dubsmashes that I’m happy to say I don’t look drunk in. They will not be posted. I’m not cute like Hayley Atwell Speaking of, my crush on her just grew by leaps and bounds to be honest.

Thursday: Hit the ground running. What’s the word to describe the feeling of being not quite hungover but also tired and still feeling rum swimming around in your body? Fucked up. That’s it, that’s the word. I decide to meet some friends, wind up in Webster Hall in VIP, getting home at 2am and doing a great job of not awkwardly texting someone.

Friday: So the feeling of being hit by a bus and still moving is very much what’s happening to me at the moment. I’m basically a  mess but it’s been a good run so fuck it right? A random endeavor has yielded something interesting. So basically, you and me we’re going on a wild ride kids.



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