What I Learned: July 31

This week, I shoot at SneakerCon, I get some love from adidas, I almost consider a Ponsi scheme with Waffle taking all my money and continue to multi-task til I can’t remember what I’m doing but still doing alot for someone who wasn’t doing anything about a year ago.

Saturday: Climbed back into the producer saddle and hauled ass to SneakerCon, where I resisted all urges to be a hypebeast but failed to collect a t-shirt. So I got a cap instead because I just REALLY want to fuck up my hairline.

Sunday: Double editing duty means staring at six screens and overseeing the edits of two vastly difference projects, both of whom I’m responsible for. So I guess you could say, I had a really good time.

Monday: Is a massive blur of uploads, bylines and minor headaches. I’ve shoveled cold Sicilian pizza down my gullet and am pacing around anxiously as my digital babies are delivered to the world.


SneakerCon Trolling

adidas #beTheDifference 

On Sunday I got a call from Waffle, asking if I had 30 minutes to kill with her at some point during the week. It was important.

Waffle doesn’t call me, we’re on that ‘text recreationally’ kind of wavelength at the moment which, given how we flirted and started, isn’t shocking. In any case, I say, ‘sure yes anything my darling.

because I am if nothing a stupid stupid

I know what I’m walking into and indulge anyway because as the caption above so clearly states, I am a stupid stupid. I almost fall for it too because I can’t say no to soulful brown eyes and that smirk but I resist and afterwards I’m filled with that same sense of ‘damnit how are you so adorable and how can we make this work again?’


It’s not as bad as the meme implies, I’ve just learned to take my cup of coffee in a flaming room as casually as possible.

Wednesday: I’m in a strange old doctor’s office for a shoot and we can’t help but think “where are the stuffed moose heads and sad geese shot from the sky?” The place is basically a time warp in the oddest way. A mashup of old world building charm and showoff Fifth Avenue views. Imagine having been a patient in the 1960s and feeling like this was the hippest place on earth. It’s 2015, wood panelling called it said, you can let it go now. Either way, the shoot goes through without much of an issue. I try two new beers and at an overpriced place called Black Iron Burger. They don’t have their hard liquor license…which is trash…but the beer wasn’t bad. I also buy more comic books because hoarding is a thing I’m super into.

Thursday: A month after mom’s pacemaker surgery, she goes to the cardiologist who tells her on Monday next week, they’ve got to jumpstart her heart to get it back into rhythm.

In continuing news, make sure you take care of your heart.

Friday: Sneakers and burgers.


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