Since You’ve Been Gone

Consistency, like good peanut butter, is important if you’re trying to do anything in this world.

(Says the asshole who cannot keep regularly updated)

It’s a life lesson and a business model, really because it establishes a familiarity that is creates a safe space for those of us in the world who need to find these places. Consistency is why we know we can trust a person, place or thing because it’s always been there being whatever it is to you. You always know what to expect from it.

The problem with being consistent is you also need to be unpredictable; you have to have a good thing going then go somewhere else but the thing is, if you’ve been consistent, then you’ll be trusted.

Remember there was a world before McFlurries.

Business wise, it means you get a good thing going, establish the rules and the expectations and you go out and give it a whirl. It’ll take some getting used to, you’ll try all kinds of things until you get into a comfortably stable semblance of consistency. From there, you’ve built out a platform, a service, a product that is trusted because there was care and room to work and grow. Establishing this allows for the natural progression of the relationship and trust to try something else.

What happens though, is complacency. THAT IS A FUCKIN BUMMER. On a relationship level, you don’t try. You don’t get ambitious. You don’t get adventurous. You don’t try anything new. You’re just there. Consistent and complacent. Same on a business level. You know what happens right? Eyes go wandering, minds drift and suddenly, the bond is broken and then the consistency is disrupted. The other part has been looking elsewhere for a new bond to create and a new synergy. That is business. That is life. 

The misplaced faith in the product being good enough, passable, useable is what dooms everything we make, everything we believe in and everything we want out of our time here. Passable works for a knockoff or that class you just can’t get a D+ on; useable is making due and good enough means you took all the trash around you and made what you needed to with what’s there. That’s not sustainable. You know what is? Being consistent.

Look, it’s not just what you make, it’s how you make it. You love donuts. They take time to make. You’ve got to make time and get up to make them. Everyone loves fuckin donuts. Make them. When you don’t want to make them. Don’t stop. Get someone who loves donuts to make them while you make those godawful hybrid desert abominations people will line up for; you get your standard ring of delight and something that rots the human skull from the inside out. It’s something you care about. Consistency comes when you care and when you care you show up. 

When you stop caring, it shows.

When you stop caring consistently that’s when it gets to be a major problem.

I don’t really have a proper solution for this except be able to identify when the wrong type consistency and complacency start coming in. You can be complacent and see that shit needs to change. If you get consistent but unfulfilled, you can start finding avenues to rechannel that. The unfortunate thing is that very few of us will be able to manage or master this; worse still, convert the inspiration to a fulfilling career with bonuses, money, power and respek. It’s doable for sure but the thing is, finding the balance.

I’ll take my own advice someday.


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