Denzel Washington: Your New Favorite Meme

While many are struggling with forced hangovers, the regret of paying $100 on a less than fantastic fight, the internet in all it’s terrific instant humor glory is basking the in the glow of what can only be described as Summer’s hot new meme:

I swear to god he’s a long lost uncle of mine.

During the pre-fight festivities, the cameras captured celebrities as they poured into the MGM Grand last night waiting for the ‘fight of the century’. After paying a shit-ton of money to watch two dudes dance around a ring for 12 rounds, you’d think you’d get something a little more noteworthy than the man King Kong ain’t got shit on.

The glitz.

The glamour.

The awkward shot of Denzel Washington.

Immediately, Twitter’s elite jumped onto the sight of the veteran actor, looking like the uncle you only see during family gatherings and showing signs of age. The Oscar winner, clad in a classic Adidas track jacket and all black New York Yankees’ fitted, seemed to be in good spirits but the Twitterati, already foaming with rage over the fight’s delayed start time, took to the keyboards and cracked joke after joke, meme after meme making the whole reason we were all watching the fight on Periscope, seem stupid in comparison.

Here are some of the highlights:

I even tried it

Denzel’s appearance wasn’t the most shocking thing to happen at last night’s fight. There was this:

yes that happened. yes, someone paid money for that to happen. In what could only be described as a marketing stroke of genius (or someone having a stroke in the middle of an important budget meeting and everyone miscontruing the entire thing) the Burger King himself walked with Money Mayweather. Not to be outdone, Manny was escorted out by comedian Jimmy Kimmel who’s been enjoying a bromance with the fighter after learning the words to the entrance song Pac wrote and performed.

It was like someone opened up a box labeled TUMBLR, let it out into the world and waited to see the madness that would follow. Every second seemed like a truly bizarre collection of meme ready fodder orchestrated by some of the richest people in the world. It was like the half time show had become the main event. Imagine Left Shark just completely dominating the second half of the Super Bowl and an alternate world where the Pats lost and Katy Perry was just some broad in the middle of the whole thing.

Our culture is so weird when it comes to major moments; we want them to mean something when we bear witness to them but we’re also prepared for the complete and total letdown that is inevitable. Maybe we’re cynical and just know that we shouldn’t come into things expecting the greatest of outcomes but every so often, things like Left Shark and Uncle Denzel happen and we all gravitate towards it because we all agree in the absurdity of the things we build up as events and milestones. We anticipate the best of the best as a community and thanks to social media, we all pick at the things we watch together and see who makes the joke stick.

No one knows where a third of the memes come from; we never know when a joke lands and goes viral but let’s be honest, no one went into this thinking that there was going to be anything remotely resembling an actual fight. We didn’t however count on one of Hollywood’s biggest actors stealing the show.