What I Learned: Aug 7

This week, I rent a car and drive away from everything (for work), I watch Ronda Rousey beat the hell out of some shit talker in 34 seconds which is my own personal goal, and I go for the record in avoiding doing the same thing over and over again.


My godmother is a fight nut. We like fights. So after work I trotted uptown (ironically wearing my Mockingjay shirt to a place called District 12) We grub on tasty motherfucking burgers and have lots of Honey Jack and Ginger while enduring under card after undercard bouts. They were really good but like pro wrestling, we could see the win coming because you know, my godmother and I are also pro fighters…

The bar filled up around 11 and the crowd and energy was insane. Everyone staring up at the screens, reacting to the fights before finally the main event.

The fun thing for me is that the main event was proceeded by a rematch from another main event fight (co-main event undercard) Rua and Minatauro. THESE DUDES BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF EACH OTHER BEFORE THE MAIN EVENT: A WOMAN’S MATCH.

In any case, the pageantry is there; the lights the music and the non stop drunken yelling it’s what you’d imagine being in a lower coliseum was like. Bethe entered to cheers from her native Brazilians while in the bar, everyone was booing. Rousey walks in and you’d swear the woman just bought another round for everyone in house.

The fight is over before my drink is.

34 seconds.

You know what goes 0-100 in 34 seconds.

Ronda Rousey.

After the trouncing, she mutters, “Don’t cry” to Bethe who’d been mocking her the entire week leading to the fight, yelling in Portuguese, I will make you cry. The only crying Rousey did was at the thought of the well earned chicken wings and holding the belt in honor of Roddy Pipper.

I need to get back to the gym.

Sunday: I landed a byline about something that made me lose my mind.

Like seriously, Drake, you’re basically holding Meek Mill’s hand and telling him stop hitting yourself.

I also found out a guy I used to work with died in a freak accident swimming out in Long Island. I know alot of mutuals who were upset by it (obviously they continued working with him when I left) but I’m stuck on something that really irks me. He was told numerous times to not go out into the water, there had been serious riptides and currents, the lifeguards were off duty when he and a friend decided to go back in. His friend was rescued but they found his body an hour after he went under.  It’s sad honestly, he was 23.

Monday: Mom has her follow up procedure for her robot part. I drive around running errands for mom, we go to a spanish spot that used to be Puerto Rican but is now Dominican and once again, I raise my fists to the heavens and ask “WHERE ARE ALL THE PUERTO RICANS ?!”

My close friend spends most of the afternoon randomly texting me; he’s engaged and is extremely worried about me. He encourages me to pack my shit and run off to join the circus. I’m considering it. It’d be really good to finally just have an adventure instead of these random collections of strange circumstances that happen to me. New York is great, there’s something about it that makes you feel like everything and anything can happen here but I’m sick of it. The people, the sameness, the fact that everywhere I turn I see fragments of my past lives all milling about. I’m always close to falling apart and somehow haven’t in a long time *knock on wood* but I can feel it in the air. The need to just do something drastic just to break up the monotony and the feeling of not actually doing anything when in reality I am; I’m doing so much, much more than I thought I’d be able to do. I’m going to keep it 1000000% My mom is retired, she had to because of the health issues that started up about a year and a half ago. the income lands on me and I can’t afford to have one of those grand adventures I hear so many of my peers raving about.

It’s nice to dream though.

who the fuck’s leg is that in the backseat though?!

Tuesday: I’m in to work first and I don’t remember when the last time was that I left work super early; I tell myself ‘you’re going to the gym!’ you know what happened? I get home, flop down fully dressed in bed and sleep four three hours. My mom thought it was hilarious. I DID do the home gym thing so, it wasn’t a total loss but sigh. I’m gonna have to cancel that membership soon; lootcrate is about the same price and I get way more out of it. Sleep is so important its not even funny. I’ve actually growled at people who’ve woken me up too early. 

Wednesday: Mom has her appointment. So they tell her that she’s got a solid robot ticker, her pace is good and she has to lose weight. I run deliveries like a boss, make someone’s day better and have pizza with mom for dinner. Yes, I know, it’s immediately after they said she has to lose weight but we’re going to start that…after the pizza party.

It’ll be helpful too because if we’re both focused on something other than the lack of sleep and depression and stress, we can make big things happen because I’m honestly tired of feeling like shit, eating like I’m dumpster and my self esteem being set to fail all the time.

I do really cool things damnit!

I buy a shit-ton of comic books from Jim Hanley’s Universe, effectively cheating on Forbidden Planet, St. Mark’s Comics and Midtown Comics. I have to slow down, I’m running out of room and I don’t know how many books I can lug around come New York Comic Con. It does effectively distract me from thinking about Waffle….until I stare at The Walking Dead and then I’m like, I know no one who’d be into this…then it’s a sad spiral.

Thursday: First one in again and I think I see tumbleweeds.

then lightening strikes.

default emotion

default emotion

This time last year, I was preparing to wear all black in the US Open, stand for an obscene amount of hours and stare at the raw power that is Serena Williams while she practiced serving 100 mile and hour slams. It’s crazy how time and sweat can make things happen.

Like a droplet just working on a rock can create the Grand Canyon.


Chinese water torture makes a soft spot in the skull.

too much?

Friday: The level of excite for a minor roadtrip is kind of embarrassing. I guess this has been a weird and wild ass summer eh?