What I Learned This Week: June 19th


I’m trying this new thing where instead of being a whining bitch pants, I’m going to increase the peace and up my moral fiber and also, try to cheer up other people up and practice my word count.

It is in that grand spirit of giving that I present:



Here’s what I learned.

Saturday: Work. It’s my birthday. Waffle didn’t call and I basically had a meltdown. There was an apology and that was cool but still y’know? I’m one of those “plan for everything and everyone and I love you so yeah” kind of people. Had solo solo whisky and a slice of bacon pizza. Wondering why I’m fat.

Sunday: Work. Yelled at Game of Thrones like everyone else.

Monday: Honey Jack and Ginger, pernil and a late birthday cake can really cheer up a pleighgurl.

birdman money

Tuesday: Sitting on my ass answering emails for work is not the way to spend your two days off BUT it also shows the hustlers ambition, gumption and a desire to understand what’s going on when I’m not there. It’s a new job and I’m extremely nervous about being able to succeed in it given that it’s basically the holy grail of positions in the digital world. I mean it. It’s the actual promised land and it’s a place that I wound up falling into by plucky gumption. So. The anxiety is worth it. it’s not welcome and I need to get rid of it ASAP but yeah. you know, that’s just the way things are at the moment.

Wednesday: So apparently I’m capable of more than I thought. Work is a blur but I land a few crucial pieces for projects. I don’t even know what I did. I finished by tenth or twentieth re-read of “The Catcher in The Rye” because when you feel hella weird, you have to do the extra and remind yourself that everyone goes through this.

Thursday: I met Jidenna and produced a segment for work. I’ll share it, promise.

(yes he does look that good in person)

Went to make up birthday dinner with Waffle where I awkwardly stared across the plate of hot wings and fries I was enjoying with little heart eye emojis while doing that terrible thing where I just don’t know how to shut up. It’s funny because when it’s easy it’s super easy, when you want it to be casual as fuck, you basically wind up fucking up spectacularly. I’m honestly saddened by how utterly uncool I am. I wind up going home, texting like a madwoman, apologizing and saying even more profoundly romantic things to someone who isn’t really understanding where it’s coming from.

I also tracked down a valuable piece of gear in a decent time. I was kinda proud of that too. Go figure, I’m the Olivia Pope of stuff and things.

Friday: Pizza party followed by ice cream for a departing member of the team. I only hope to be as well liked and remembered as this guy is. It sort of cheered me up after spending most of the morning in near tears while Waffle and I exchanged text messages that basically was cribbed dialogue from every romantic movie ever. Mostly me digitally text begging for that shot…the one that always comes to someone in the movies but life isn’t like that, much as I want it to be. I am, never the less, embarrassingly hopeful because I’ve basically asked the universe for simple favors and this is the one that I’ve been holding my breath on and putting all the energy towards.

the power of Swizzle compels you.

Let me know what you think. I’m going to keep doing this because its interesting and dammit, that word count!